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I create vector repeating patterns, which can be applied to countless surfaces. Imagine my art and designs on your fabrics, apparel, beddings, stationery, packaging, rugs, wallpaper, flooring, and website graphics.  Shown throughout this site are individual patterns and collections which are available for purchase and/or licensing. All the designs you find here are copyrighted and are the sole property of Tracy Miller Designs.

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Clients I've sold to include Kleenex, CVS, Target, TJMaxx, SubZero, Hanes, Nordstroms, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Dicks Sporting Goods and SmashGal.

Ready made and commissioned

Choose the design you want, contact me and we'll arrange the transaction. All my files originate in Illustrator, so selecting an AI file is your best bet. I can, however, deliver your image in whatever file format fits your needs. I welcome commissioned work, such as creating a repeat from your motif or concept.